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Wen Lambo Launches New Mobile App

After months of hard work and development, Wen Lambo has launched their new mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. The highly anticipated charting and tracking app offers a host of useful tools to aid both novice and experienced crypto currency traders alike.

The app can be downloaded and used for free in the relevant app stores, but offers a premium version for users who hold $150 worth of Lambo tokens. Turbo membership grants access to advanced tools and analytics giving traders more insight to make better decisions when trading.

Key Features of the Wen Lambo App

Live Charting and Token Information - view the live chart for any token on the BSC or ETH network, alongside detailed essential token information. Use the available icons to quickly navigate to a token project’s website, CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap listing, smart contract, Swap, Rug Detector or use the diamond icon to add as a favourite.

Trade History - view live transaction history for any BSC or ETH token as well as your own trades and even the trade history of any wallet on any token. There are new features included to see the Top Buyers and Top Sellers in various timeframes.

Most Viewed and Last Viewed - newly added features include ‘Most Viewed’ which is an auto scrolling banner displaying the most popular tokens viewed on the Wen Lambo platform. Pull up the chart and token info by simply selecting a token in the banner. ‘Last Viewed’ are token information text boxes located under the chart which keeps record of your last viewed tokens to revisit at any time.

Portfolio - view a detailed breakdown of your wallet holdings or any other wallet with the functionality to add a token or wallet as a favourite. Select any token to direct you to its relevant chart.

Rug Detector - essential tools that include a contract scanner and developer wallet checker. These tools are useful in checking the validity of a project and identifying red flags early on.

Trending Tokens - tap the fire icon on the bottom floating menu to see what tokens are hot and currently trending in the market.

Swap - use the handy swap feature to effortlessly buy and sell your tokens.

Top Gainers/Losers and other tools - see a list of recent top gainers and losers to find tokens on the move. Use the pair explorer to look for high performing token pairs and utilise the token events tool to identify newly launched or renounced smart contracts. 

Why use the Wen Lambo App? 

The Wen Lambo App has the potential to become a true market leader in this sector. It is ergonomically designed to give the best user experience possible. The app contains all the tools and analytics any crypto trader or enthusiast needs to research and invest in BSC and ETH projects with more networks like Polygon and Avalanche to be added very soon. The user interface is sleek and easy to navigate which allows tokens to be discovered, researched and invested in, all within the app. Wen Lambo is paving the way in cryptocurrency app development and aims to be the leader in crypto charting and tracking. 

In addition to the benefits to the user, the Wen Lambo App also offers a host of tools for projects. From advertising packages to Telegram assistance, Wen Lambo can offer essential help and guidance for new and existing projects. 

Who is Wen Lambo?

Owning the official ‘Wen Lambo’ trademark, the project consists of a highly skilled UK based core team with a passion for cryptocurrency. Using the knowledge gained from years working and trading within the crypto sector, the Wen Lambo platform was born. 

Since its inception in mid 2021, the Wen Lambo team has grown exponentially to include a global workforce and community. The input and influence from all over the world has helped Wen Lambo develop relevant tools and technology for investors with the intention to add value to the crypto space. 

What is Wen Lambo token ($LAMBO)?

Wen Lambo is governed by its own native tokens LAMBO-BSC and LAMBO-ETH. Both tokens allow access to Turbo features across the network and each one has unique tokenomics, generating passive income for the holder. 

For more information on the specific tokenomics and the project in general, check out the website here. 

The Wen Lambo app is now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.
Join in the conversation over on Telegram and Twitter for regular updates and to chat to like minded people. Wen Lambo has a friendly and welcoming community that is always ready to help and advise you with any queries you may have.

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