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Shibainfinity Begins Public Minting of Shiba NFTs, Join Now And Become a Holder

Shibainfinity NFT project, a collection of 10000 NFT artistic designs inspired by shiba Inu. Shiba NFT is the new kid on the NFT block set. The NFT artistic designs are inspired by space and astronauts. With a set whose theme is centered around the dog metaverse sitting in outer space, shiba NFT public minting was launched on 23rd February 2022, interested participants can mint Shiba Nft from Shibainfinity official minting page.

The project aims to have a fair and independently-run community-owned marketplace. DAO members will be able to decide what features the project should develop and even what shall be done with the fees earned by the NFT marketplace. Members will be able to vote on proposals submitted by other members in what founders of the Shibainfinity project anticipate will benefit the entire NFT space as a whole.

Apart from the bragging rights that come from ownership, Shiba NFTs also serve as passports to the Shibainfinity community. The NFTs give owners exclusive access to the metaverse museum, Therefore, those who own one of the NFTs in the set will be able to hang their arts for display on the metaverse museum. One of the first agendas the project aims for upon launch is the creation of a truly decentralized NFT marketplace.

Evolution of Shibainfinity 

Shiba NFT are designed to espouse an adventurous dog world and venturing into a dream world with no boundaries. Instead of having a predetermined vision, the project relies on its community to carve out a niche for the project in a growing sea of NFT projects.

Each NFT in the Shiba NFT set will cost 100 ADA. 

NFT Minting Details 

1 NFT =100 ADA

Maximum mint per transaction - 10 NFTs, however there is no limit to number of minting transactions.

Minimum mint per transaction- 1 NFT

Participate in the On going shiba NFT public mint using the link - 

Shinu Token pre-sale is still on going for participant which wishes to purchase and hold $shinu token, purchase shinu tokens here -

ShibaInfinity Community

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