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RealT places the real estate sector within everyone’s reach

The expansion of blockchain technology using intelligent contracts has allowed the decentralization of many sectors to which only a small percentage of the population used to have access.

Investing large sums of money in real estate is no longer a problem since the birth of RealT company founded in 2019 by Marc y Jean-Marc Jacobson. The company uses a fractional real estate system in tokens based on Ethereum’s decentralized network to replace deeds on paper, with the execution of intelligent contracts and the acquisition of goods by anyone who desires to invest in the platform, offering a much more democratic, inclusive, and efficient system.

A paradigm shift! An effective solution

RealT offers a significant advancement with the tokenization of properties that allows the division of a good into multiple tokens and the trade among the platform’s users. All this would result in greater accessibility and the opportunity to start investing for people who had little capital or no real estate experience.

With this model of fractional investments through smart contracts, people can have access to passive income or cash flows (by renting properties) without the need to invest large sums of money or carrying out a large number of procedures for the accreditation of a property, as they are executed on the blockchain, permitting a fast and secure trade.

RealT works as a Crowdfunding platform in which people contribute to purchasing properties by using their token ERC-20 Real Token with a price of around $50- $150. RealT functions under the Ethereum network that provides the users with a percentage concerning the property’s value and its equivalent in tokens.   

RealT is available in most parts of the world except for Cuba, Sudan, and Zimbabwe due to the United States government’s restrictions.

How to start investing in RealT in three steps?

Each property is owned by a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), which means the investor does not have to worry about tasks like looking for new tenants, collecting properties, or manage repairs, since there is a staff in charge of carrying out all these actions to guarantee the sustainability of the project.

  1. The first step is to register and fill out the corresponding form; it will be necessary to complete a KYC verification to validate your identity. You will see the listings of the available properties and several detailed characteristics of each one, taking into account their profit margin and the tokens’ cost so you can choose the best option.
  2. Once you manage to identify the best option to invest in the real estate market with RealT, you must acquire the tokens and make the payment using either credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or Coinbase Commerce.
  3. Afterward, you must sign a smart contract that RealT will send to your email address. This email contains the conditions to which your investment will be subject. 

The platform protects its investors with the sending of rental earnings through a stablecoin called DAI. It uses the Ethereum network and has a price of $1 per coin safeguarding from market fluctuations. You can change this cryptocurrency at any time into Real Token or FIAT currency.

Your best investment!

It is necessary to know that all the properties in RealT are first class in terms of positioning, as they have been carefully selected by RealT’s team of real estate specialists in the best cities and areas with the best potential for appreciation in the United States. Therefore, RealT should be your first option when investing in real estate from the comfort of your home. 

Visit the official sites and start investing.

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