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Neuroart to Launch 5 Games Hub under Ainimals

Neuroart is ready to complete the Ainimals for the metaverse, and it will serve as a central hub for five games. The game demo is available on their website, and anybody may play it. 

After integrating these five games in different environments but using the same core concepts, Neuroart will merge into a hub system. However, progress on Ainimals, which is almost complete, will be prioritized for the time being. 

What is Ainimals all about? 

The Ainimals is a player-to-player (P2P) game in which anybody may utilize artificial intelligence to create a customized non-fungible token (NFT) creature. The next games will focus on MMA battles, vehicles, superheroes, and spacecraft. 

Neuroart has progressed to the point of developing a central hub for all five games placed in various environments. Due to the project’s manageability and scope, the five games may be launched in a very short time, ensuring they reach a large audience. 

The variety in games aims to resonate with as many players as possible. 

Along with the token, the shared world and events across games will tie them together. First up is a game called “Ainimals,” which features a planet inhabited by hybrid animals that blend the characteristics of four distinct species.

About Neuroart

Every player in Neuroart has the opportunity to design their own original NFT game character, thanks to the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence in the form of Neuroart’s GameFi metaverse. 

Influenced by traditional card games, Neuroart is an ambitious gaming project that integrates NFT, AI, and blockchain technology to provide players with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to participate in the emerging cryptocurrency market. 

They want to make NFT game development available to more people using AI methods. 

Neuroart empowers anybody to create their own one-of-a-kind NFT creature, restore the metaverse, and commercialize digital entertainment. They want a cycle of events that repeats every three months, with the major tournaments alternating with tale events. This will ensure that there is always something enjoyable happening in the community. With many more tournaments, thus there are more chances to win. 

Stay tuned

The platform’s whitepaper provides comprehensive information on the project and should be consulted as the primary resource for any further questions. Join the community and find out first about the latest opportunities Neuroart brings by following them on Twitter, Telegram announcements, Telegram chat, and website.

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