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Arkmanix Token, Ark Token (AKT) is now trading on PancakeSwap

What is Arkmanix?

Arkmanix is a software startup that plans to produce risk management tools, games, and a social media application. Arkmanix began its roadmap by creating a smart contract called Ark Token (AKT), which it plans to integrate with the ecosystem as the company grows. Ark Token (AKT) will be the payment method available in the ecosystem alongside trustworthy crypto assets. 

Users will trade Ark Token (AKT) on Arkmanix software by buying, selling, and signing up for new tools and services; Use Ark Token (AKT) to buy games, game items, or rewards. In the Arkmanix social media application, users can buy avatar items, new themes, unique futures, premium services, and more using Ark Token (AKT) as payment. Arkmanix games and social media application is far from being public just yet. However, Arkmanix expects to release a beta version of its first application on the Arkmanix website in late December 2022 for download. The application is code name Plutus. According to Arkmanix, Plutus will start by tracking market data, and then utilizing Artificial intelligence, Plutus will grow into a robust risk management tool for the average person. Users will have control of descriptive data generated by the application to make intelligent investing and budgeting decisions. Plutus will also have a simple and user-friendly interface. Track your favorite crypto asset, manage your budget and personal finances, and get Ai-driven data to make smart budgeting and investing choices.

What is Ark Token (AKT)?

Ark Token (AKT) on the Plutus application will increase investors’ earnings, as Ark Token (AKT) is a deflationary smart contract. As more investors trade Ark Token (AKT), buy or sell, the supply will decrease, further increasing Ark Token (AKT) ’s value. 2.5% of tax is sent to the burned wallet on every transaction, reducing the circulating supply and leveling the price floor.

Ark Token (AKT) ’s tokenomics consist of rewards, burns, and increased liquidity. Of the 10% tax on every transaction, 2.5% is distributed amongst investors, 2.5% is burned, and 5% is added to Ark Token (AKT) liquidity pool which is locked in Deeplock and Unicrypt for 30+ years. Ark Token (AKT) total supply started at 2 quadrillion, 50% was burned upon launch, leaving 1 quadrillion in circulation. Ark Token (AKT) is listed on PancakeSwap v2 with plans to get listed on more exchanges. You can also track Ark Token (AKT) on Dextools, Poocoin and view Ark Token (AKT) smart contract details on BscScan.

Arkmanix’s vision to have an ecosystem of games, Ai-driven tools, and its social media application sounds ambitious. However, with the integration of Ark Token (AKT), who would not want to invest a minimum of 3 dollars in hopes of getting a significant return on their investment or simply supporting an ambitious startup?  

Suppose you have questions regarding Plutus, Ark Token (AKT), or the Arkmanix ecosystem. In that case, you can reach Arkmanix at their business email, Twitter, and GitHub, where you can track the Plutus development life cycle. 

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