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Paris Hilton to launch NFTs on Tron Blockchain

A few hours ago Paris Hilton published a post on Twitter explaining that she is preparing her own series of NFTs, non-fungible tokens.

To do so, the famous heiress commented on a tweet by Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun, hinting that her NFTs could therefore be based on the Tron blockchain.

In his post, Sun explained that he has participated in many major NFT auctions, bidding over $60 million to grab Beeple’s work.

Paris Hilton chases the NFT hype

Although they originated in 2017 with CryptoKitties, NFTs are now becoming the trend of the moment, with all sorts of VIPs and artists from all over trying to get involved with works in the form of non-fungible tokens, with Paris Hilton being the latest.

NFTs are collectable digital tokens, based on the blockchain, which gives them a sort of certification and also a limit in terms of rarity. The blockchain then guarantees that the NFT is issued in a certain quantity, on a specific date.

Anything can become an NFT: a GIF, a photograph, a digitally drawn work, the photograph of a sculpture, the card of a game and so on. The market is therefore open to all, as some platforms such as OpenSea allow anyone to put their work up for sale, paying a fee for each sale.

The records of NFTs

As this is the period when non-fungible tokens are all the rage, well-known artists such as the aforementioned Beeple or Hackatao are selling their NFT works for record amounts of up to millions of dollars.

For example, a few days ago Beeple sold his work at a Christie’s gallery auction in London for an impressive $69 million.

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