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AnRKey X: purchase, play and stake NFTs

In recent weeks we have been witnessing a very strong growth of the NFT industry, both in the crypto and mainstream worlds. More and more VIPs are mentioning these non-fungible tokens, capturing public interest and adoption and setting sales records day after day. It only takes a bit of research to see that NFT trading volumes on OpenSea and Rarible have increased by 1000% or more in the last month, setting records never seen before. And it is well-known that when there is such hype, small investors are always on the lookout for such niche products. Many of the NFT-related crypto projects have already skyrocketed, but there are still some undiscovered gems with really low market caps. One of them is AnRKey X!

AnRKey X – the NFT gem with a low MarketCap

AnRKey X is a product designed for different types of investors, including DeFi lovers, NFT enthusiasts or those involved in eSports. AnRKey X combines all of the above and offers a unique product that distinguishes itself from all other scams in the same niche, scams that are often named after food and consist of anonymous teams. AnRKey X is a project with a public team, public advisors and a clear vision: to revolutionize the NFT world!

gDEX Protocol: This protocol developed by AnRKey X, Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange, will be able to incorporate collectable NFTs with in-game NFTs, leveraging DeFi liquidity and interactive games that can help grow the entire industry. The protocol will offer many games starting with the first one: an interactive eSports game with integrated liquidity mining, thus offering utility to the game as well as pure fun. Finally, players can have double the fun: playing and earning at the same time. To find out more about this game just visit the official AnRKey website and check out the various guides and video guides. I have to admit that their designers are of a unique quality and to have confirmation of that, simply have a look not only at the games but also at the website: a real gem!

ANRX, the token behind the project

The whole project and future games will be powered by $ANRX, a token freely exchangeable on Uniswap and Bithumb. A token with a maximum supply of 200 million units, but with a much lower circulation of about 65 million units. Considering today’s price of the token, $0.11, the marketcap is only $7 million (fully diluted $21 million). This is a truly ridiculous figure when considering that the top 10 NFT projects all have marketcaps above $100 million.

And this project is by no means anonymous. In addition to the public team, AnRKey also has public advisors including the founder of Paid Network, a project valued at several billion dollars. Furthermore, AnRKey has formed several partnerships with industry giants, namely: PlasmaPlay, PolygonDao Maker, Chainlink, Paid Network, Digicol and so on. The project has been reviewed on top industry sites, including Cointelegraph. At the moment the lowest price was 0.023 cents, while the highest price was 0.159 cents. It is still unclear to me how it is possible to see such a low marketcap on such a busy project with such strong partnerships, but I am sure the price will make a parabolic rise sooner or later. Best not to miss this moment, right?

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