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Blockfolio app has been hacked

The well-known service Blockfolio has been hacked. 

This was revealed by the company itself, which admitted on Twitter:

“We are incredibly sorry about the offensive messages posted on Blockfolio today.

We will be addressing this ASAP.

Funds, trading, etc. are not at risk; this only affected the displayed information”.

In fact, this was not an attempted theft, but a ‘trivial’ defacement. In other words, the hackers managed to post offensive messages on the site by violating certain security procedures.

So far, no further damage has been reported, and the site has been restored.

The company has stated that no deposits were affected by the hack, and that the hackers did not even manage to touch the trading functionality.

They have also revoked access to the compromised account, and removed the offensive messages.

They have also restored the app’s tracking capabilities, and credited $10 free of charge to all users with the trading service enabled. New users who sign up this week will also be credited $10 for trading, to a maximum of 1 million new accounts.

Offensive messages on hacked Blockfolio

The unlikely offensive message posted by the hacker said that the company was going to block any functionality to black people, with immediate loss of funds, urging users to withdraw all their funds immediately.

So it was pretty easy to see that it was a hack, and it’s hard to believe that anyone believed that message.

However, the platform did show a vulnerability, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some users decided to withdraw their funds anyway.

Crypto platforms are often the target of hacker attacks, both because many of them are aimed at stealing tokens and because they contain information that can be used to try to perpetrate scams. However, in spite of the numerous hacks, the sector seems to be in good health.

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