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Satoshi Nakamoto turns 47 this Tuesday (5)

Although his real name is not Satoshi Nakamoto, and no one knows what he is, the creator of Bitcoin is turning 47 this Tuesday, April 5th. At least this is the only date related to his identity, despite being another trick of this genius.

In fact, April 5th is the date that the US confiscated its citizens’ gold through a law in 1933. So this information seems to be more of a prank to those trying to find out more information about your identity.

Coincidentally, recently Craig Wright, the self-styled creator of Bitcoin, made statements about how he came up with the name Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it seems to be another fake story to get attention.

How old is Satoshi Nakamoto?

According to the P2P Foundation website, used by Satoshi Nakamoto to promote Bitcoin in 2009, the birth date of the BTC creator is April 5, 1975. Therefore, Satoshi Nakamoto would be turning 47 in 2022.

However, as explained above, this is probably a false date, used by Nakamoto out of obligation to register on this site. In this way, as well as his name, we also don’t know when his birthday is, or even what year he was born.

In any case, the good humor in choosing this date is also a warning not to trust governments. After all, they confiscated the gold of their citizens in 1933, in the USA, and they also did the same with savings, in Brazil, in 1990.

Bitcoin confiscation?

About Bitcoin, although it does not have a central point, it is worth noting that they can be confiscated if someone has access to your private keys. Despite this, so far most cases are related to crimes such as robberies.

However, it only takes a politician to sign a law to make Bitcoin illegal, as happened in China. So, on this pseudo-birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto is a reminder about the extreme importance of keeping your private keys safe, as well as not using third-party services for escrow.

After all, recently the government of Canada desperately tried to seize bitcoins sent to truck drivers who were holding protests. Some of these were even confiscated by the authorities, so be careful.

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