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Earn 1 bitcoin eating hamburgers at Burger King

During the first three weeks of November, the fast food chain Burger King will be giving away prizes in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its customers. The goal of the project is to reward all customers who are affiliated with or want to join your Royal Perks club.

The program allows you to earn cryptocurrencies every time an order is placed from Monday, November 1 to Sunday, November 21. That is, it is possible to receive prizes as many times as one wants during this time. The only condition is that each purchase has a cost greater than $5 and cannot be made more than one per person per day.

To participate, you need to register for the Royal Perks club in the Burger King app. Right there, you can place an order at home or obtain a code to redeem the prize in person at one of its stores. Once the purchase is made, the company sends a gift cryptocurrency , which can be bitcoin, ether or dogecoin.

Burger King will give away whole bitcoins to its customers

With each order it will be possible to acquire a cryptocurrency, but not all people will receive the same. Only 20 random participants will have the chance to win a whole bitcoin for each, that is, around USD60,833, according to CoinGecko.

Burger King estimates that one person in every 100,000 participants will be able to win one bitcoin. In turn, the company will also offer prizes in two other cryptocurrencies of lower value so that no one is left without winning anything.

Specifically, 200 people will be able to earn an ether, which is equivalent to $4,289 now, and 2 million participants will receive a dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that is worth very little compared to the others. It is currently trading at $0.27. Burger King maintains that the probability of winning an Ether is one in 10,000 participants.

In total, Burger King will allocate more than 42.6 million to give cryptocurrencies to its Royal Perks members who reside in the United States. The prize will be deposited on the RobinHood exchange, where it will be possible to redeem it until December 17. Although the possibility of participating ends before, on November 21 or until the stock runs out.

Burger King will give away 20 BTC, 200 ETH and 2 million DOGE to its Royal Perks members who place orders until 11/21. Source: Burger King

This is not the first time that Burger King has carried out an action with cryptocurrencies. As Crytoreportage reported, the company recently began accepting dogecoin payments in Brazil and showed interest in doing the same with bitcoin in Russia.

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