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Custom NFT License Plates Already Exist in California

Now a California license plate marked “MM” is available for purchase as NFT. Said NFT also comes with the physical license plate. These NFTs can be found on OpenSea with a price tag of over $20 million. Marketers claim it is the “ultimate flexo” as it is literally one in a million.

This is the first known NFT license plate transfer. “It is intended to disrupt the system and create a new benchmark for luxury and exclusivity,” say the sellers.

Many individuals will be able to buy, sell and exchange license plates in the future. Smart contracts will be used in the sale of an NFT.

Some projects, like Beeple’s work, have physical and digital versions. NFT license plates may be the new future. The use of NFTs also facilitates transactions.


The future of NFT technology

It is the first known NFT board swap. A new milestone in luxury and exclusivity, sellers say.

In the future, many people will be able to buy, sell and trade plates. The sale of an NFT will use smart contracts.

The works created by Beeple have both physical and digital versions, the use of NFTs facilitates transactions.

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