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Bitcoin could become the global reserve currency, says Senator

During an interview with Axios Senator Rand Paul stated that Bitcoin (BTC) may become the global reserve currency in the future; especially as people lose confidence in the government.

Everything indicates a bright future for Bitcoin

The crypto leader was created as a result of a situation where a group of people lost confidence in the government’s ability to guarantee the security of their finances. And since then, the number of people who distrust fiat currencies has increased dramatically.

In this way, at the weekend, Axios interviewed Senator Rand Paul regarding the future of Bitcoin and fiat currency in the United States.

This is how Paul relates that one day he began to question whether or not Bitcoin could become the world’s reserve currency. Especially “as more and more people lose confidence in government.”

In fact, a Gallup poll was released in September, which found that Americans’ confidence in government remains significantly low. However, no one can claim that there is a connection between trust in the government and interest in cryptocurrencies.

A very important aspect is that Paul has belonged to the crypto community since 2016, at which point he claimed to accept Bitcoin donations for his campaign.

A divisive opinion

Thus, the senator’s opinion on the future of Bitcoin continues to be a widely debated topic, both in the traditional world and in the crypto community.

In particular, there are divergent opinions on whether cryptos like Bitcoin should be alternative means of exchange or another form of investment.

That is, it is difficult to be sure whether Bitcoin will achieve such a level of adoption that it becomes the global reserve. However, one thing that we can assure is that as time passes, Bitcoin gains traction in the world as a form of long-term investment.

And, as proof of this, we have reported in CryptoTrend the new adoptions of Bitcoin. For example, Walmart recently began offering the option to purchase Bitcoin in its physical stores.

Do you think Bitcoin is positioned as a global reserve currency? We want to know your opinion!

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