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BitBase partners with Eurochange and will install 30 cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain

In Spain it will be possible to buy cryptocurrencies in the thirty offices of the Eurochange currency exchange company in the country. This was reported by the cryptocurrency startup BitBase in an email.

The information highlights that BitBase will install a cryptocurrency cashier in each of the 30 Eurochange stores. He states that soon it will also be possible to exchange currency and buy cryptocurrencies with foreign currencies in BitBase establishments.

The Spanish startup says that with this agreement it establishes itself as the company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain, becomes the third in Europe and makes Spain about to climb the third step of the podium among the countries with the largest number of ATMs Bitcoin ATM of the world.

Agreement between BitBase and Eurochange

BitBase and Eurochange have reached an agreement to partner and the first fruit of this union is that there will be a BitBase cryptocurrency ATM in each of the 30 Eurochange stores. In fact, there are already two operating (in Madrid and Benidorm) and very soon they will be installed in all the physical establishments that the company has in Spain.

But he adds that the alliance is two-way, so in the short term currency exchanges can also be made in BitBase stores by Eurochange and the option to buy cryptocurrencies in different currencies such as euros, dollars and others will also be enabled. .

Eurochange is a company dedicated to currency exchange, which also, among other services, has collection of reservations, collection of online orders, card payment, tax free return and money transfer with Western Union.

With Eurochange it is possible to change other currencies to euros and also euros to more than 40 different currencies. Likewise, they admit currencies that banks do not accept, that are out of circulation or very deteriorated.

Customer service is carried out by phone, WhatsApp, online chat, email and social networks. Among the options it gives is that customers can make a reservation online or by phone and their currencies will be available at the nearest office for the date they decide.

For its part, BitBase is the third company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe.

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