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99 Pay users will be able to buy Bitcoin in the app

Users of the 99 Pay wallet, from Uber’s competitor mobility company, will be able to buy Bitcoin directly in the app.

This new addition complements the option to earn Bitcoin cashback when using the company’s mobility services, which is one of Uber’s main competitors in the industry, but the first to widely support the world’s largest digital currency.

This news will arrive in early November and promises to make users even have a social network for interaction on this platform. The focus of 99, controlled by Chinese Didi Chuxing, will be on Generation Z, who are people born between 1995 and 2010.

Focused on Generation Z, 99 will allow the purchase of Bitcoin and facilitate investments in the currency

The new 99Pay app, from the company 99, will be launched in the coming days, with an interface focused on social interactions and news for Bitcoin investors.

“Users can upload and share messages with photos, comments and emojis, just like on a social network. Bitcoin transactions are another new feature of the platform.”

With the launch, one of the novelties is the Bitcoin cashback, which was widely publicized by the company. This matter caught 99’s attention after a proprietary survey, which found that 81% of digital wallets/banks users know about cryptocurrencies.

However, another business opportunity for the company was seeing that only 27% of them knew how this market really worked, that is, it is important to raise awareness and teach them the details.

As 54% of survey respondents did not invest in Bitcoin, but were interested in getting started, 99Pay’s new app will be launched with the objective of bringing the public closer to Bitcoin investments, in a simple and uncomplicated way.

99Pay’s director, Mauricio Orsolini Filho stated that users will be able to start their investments with just R$10.00. Cashback is an experience of earning Bitcoin and trying out the technology without actually buying the currency.

“Although cryptocurrencies are known, many are still afraid to invest. With this new 99Pay app, we will make it possible, in a simple and intuitive way, to enter this universe with greater security. Cashbacks will be in fractions of Bitcoins, and can represent a tangible way to get to know more closely how this type of investment works without having to be an experienced investor or invest a large amount of money. People can start with just R$10.00”.

Bitcoin Investment by 99 Pay
Investment in Bitcoin by 99 Pay
99 Pay application interface that shows Bitcoin balance and profit or loss after purchase
99 Pay application interface that shows Bitcoin balance and profit or loss after purchase

“Users have earned 45% for each Real spent”, said the director about a portfolio that yields up to 220% of the CDI for those who leave money stuck in the application

Users living in cities where there are 99Pay, 99Food and 99Pop services can still get a return of 45% for every Real spent within this ecosystem of payments and profitability, said the director of 99.

“According to a survey with FGV, each real used on the 99 platform is now worth, on average, R$1.45, that is, an appreciation of 45%. This is because there is efficiency gain in cities where 99Pay, 99Food and 99Pop operate together”.

For those who leave up to R$5,000 in the 99Pay portfolio , the CDI will appreciate by 220%, a gain that is automatically transferred to the user. At Nubank, for example, digital bank customers earn only 100% of the CDI, although there is no limit on the amount deposited.

More innovation launches are expected in the coming months within 99Pay, a digital wallet solution that integrates Bitcoin in Brazil from November 3rd, this time from a large company operating in the country.

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