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Polygon has integrated Chainlink’s VR function taking Blockchain gaming to another level

Just last week, Matic Network rebranded to Polygon. Now, the promising Ethereum scaling solution announced that they will be implementing Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function. As Polygon reported in a blog post, the project implements Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to “provide developers with the most in-demand tools” and “realize unique smart contract use cases”.

The function will give smart contract developers native access to “the most secure and provably fair source of on-chain randomness in the blockchain industry”. The feature is expected to have the greatest benefit for developers of blockchain-based games.

“Chainlink VRF allows for the creation of advanced smart contract applications with unique user experiences, such as custom in-game item drops with a provable level of scarcity or randomly generated artwork and NFT attributes that are fairly awarded to users”.

Combined with the previously introduced Chainlink Price Feeds, this gives Polygon developers access to industry-leading price oracles and verifiable RNGs, two of the most important off-chain resources in creating highly scalable and provably secure DeFi protocols and on-chain gaming dApps.

Some possible ideas include: Seeding specific collectible properties, original lootboxes, and rare artifacts in-game; introducing random elements into gameplay such as card generation, critical hits, and matchmaking; selecting random winners in on-chain lotteries or judges for on-chain governance; and whitelisting random addresses for in-demand token launches or creating queues for participating in popular events and purchasing rare items.

Polygon co-founder Jaynti Kanani expressed his enthusiam about the integration, saying:

“As more and more gaming and NFT applications launch on the Polygon Network to save on gas fees, it has become clear that a secure source of on-chain randomness is a fundamental requirement to unlock a variety of smart contract designs. Chainlink VRF provides Polygon developers the most secure form of verifiable randomness, ensuring applications always operate in an unbiased and provably fair manner”.

Commenting on the Polygon-Chainlink VRF integration, Etherlegends CEO Curran Mulvhill said:

“This is a game-changing integration that every blockchain game-developer/player should be paying close attention to. Combining L2, Polygon, and Chainlink’s VRF, we can now do even more to implement these random functions into core elements of our game architecture, beyond just the fairness of distribution. This opens the door to several more use cases in Ether Legends and all blockchain randomness elements coupled with affordability”.

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