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Lindsay Lohan has praised Tron and Justin Sun on Twitter

Lindsay Lohan has publicly complimented Justin Sun on Tron (TRX). 

She did so again on her official Twitter profile, on which she wrote:

“Exploring DeFi and already liking $JST, $SUN on $TRX. Super fast and 0 fee. Good job Justin Sun”.

Sun himself then responded by asking the actress for her public address so he could send her something (no word on what, though).

Anthony Pompliano, who wondered what was going on, Charles HoskinsonJustin Wu and other crypto influencers also responded.

By now it is clear that the actress is personally and deeply involved in this industry, having complimented Bitcoin and launched her own NFT.

Lindsay Lohan’s interest in Tron and Blockchain

Lohan is in fact showing interest in several blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron. She is also taking an interest not only in financial assets, but also in the underlying technologies, how they work, and possibly their innovation.

However, she is not known to be an expert in finance or technology, so she is probably doing it for pure passion or business.

On both Twitter and Instagram, she has around 8.5 million followers, and her crypto tweets get several thousand likes and shares.

For example, the tweet about bitcoin got almost 50,000 likes, more than 6,000 retweets, and was mentioned in more than 2,000 tweets.

It should be noted that her Twitter profile had been losing followers lately, at an average rate of -250 per day.

However, since February 10th, she has gained more than 9,000 followers in less than three days, most likely thanks to her tweets on cryptocurrencies. This interest in the crypto sector is bringing her many new followers, interrupting a downward trend that had been going on for at least a year.

The actress is now almost 35 years old, and given that her career started very early and saw her succeed mainly playing the roles of children or teenagers, she had been on the decline lately.

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