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Is Litecoin ready to increase even more in value?

According to Peter Brandt, a legendary trader who has been involved in investments since 1975, the cryptocurrency Litecoin should soon rise in value, being the next altcoin to see its bull run.

In fact, according to Brandt, the pattern that has been created on LTC, will soon take the price back to the values of almost $250. Obviously, nothing is certain, but this is the prediction of the famous trader.

Some data about Litecoin and its value

Litecoin is currently the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with volumes ranging around 5 billion per day. As of February 20th, LTC had reached a value of $247, a new record for the period, although a long way from its all-time high of December 19th, 2017, when a Litecoin was worth as much as $375, according to CoinMarketCap data.

However, this prediction by Brandt may not come true if the price of LTC falls below $180. Right now Litecoin is worth $197, so it is still a possible prediction.

The growing attention for this cryptocurrency is also reflected in the fact that at the beginning of March, the famous investment fund Grayscale decided to invest even more in it, buying 174 thousand LTC.

And not for nothing, in fact, the sentiment on social media for Litecoin is increasingly high, as highlighted a few days ago by the data analysis company Sentifi.

Litecoin and MimbleWimble

In the meantime, David Burkett, one of the main developers of MimbleWimble said that the code to integrate this technology into the Litecoin blockchain will be ready by March 15th, so in just a few days. 

While work continues on the integration of MimbleWimble for anonymous transactions, the Litecoin community has started using the Incognito Network to speed up the process and obtain payments that protect the privacy of the recipient and sender.

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