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Elon Musk’s Tesla, will you accept Shiba Inu as a means of payment?

The meme currency of the season, Shiba Inu (SHIB), continues to make a splash in the crypto market.

Since its bullish rally that started last month. The new month now opens with bullish SHIB investors as new reports hint that electric vehicle giant Tesla might have its eye on the crypto asset.

Apparently the source code of the new back-end payments development of the company’s website has been leaked and the word “SHIBA” is seen, next to Bitcoin. While the code has not been made available to the general public, the line of code, where the word SHIBA is read, is found under the banner “Apple Pay.” This sparked speculation from many SHIBA INU followers, who are beginning to believe that the company might be looking to accept the asset as payment.

The popular crypto analyst, known on Twitter as Watcher.Guru is one of the few observers who took to the social network to share the screenshot of the source code, adding that although the code could be erased soon, its legitimacy may confirmed at this time.

We can confirm #Tesla has placed #SHIB next to #Bitcoin in the payment processing system code of their website. It is not currently publicly available and can be removed at any time

Similarly, a ShibSwap developer confirmed the code. However, he notes that there are two other reasons why the code appears on the company’s website, that is, in addition to possibly being accepted as payment. Given that Elon Musk has previously revealed that he did not have Shib a and is historically known for “trolling” cryptocurrencies that he does not support, it is not surprising that the developer assumes that Musk or a Tesla official is trolling Shiba. It could also be that SHIBA is a codename being used for another dog-themed coin.

However, Bitcoin advocates like Mark Moss are convinced that Shiba’s career will be short-lived. His tweet below reflects the sentiment of many other key figures.

In 2017 you had to buy #Bitcoin first and then exchange it for alts, all denominated in BTC, creating the BTC bomb and then the Alt Coin seasons.Today, people buy DOGE and SHIBA first and then eventually and sometimes painfully, it is lead the way in #Bitcoin

Skeptics point out, since the code says “SHIBA”, instead of Shiba Inu or its SHIB ticker, and without an official version, that for now this is all a storm of rumors.

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